Kids' collection Ski.lls
Product graphic design
August / 2021

With my history of competing 17 years in alpine skiing and possesion of ski instructor accreditation, I asked myself “How do you make it easier for a parent to teach his kid to ski?” The collection of skis for kids « Skills » is the first of its kind which aims to help the skier acquire skiing skills. The design bets on the cognitive ability of children/people to associate and memorize pictorial perceptions with acquired motoric skills. They are designed so that each of their graphic elements not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but serves mainly as an aid in mastering the basics of skiing technique. Graphic elements should be gradually memorized in connection with an instruction such as "hands and weight forward" while automating the right habits in skiing. Even the color division along the ski has its significance, namely the understanding of the principle of turning.

The series is divided into three groups taking in account the age related needs of children (from early childhood till the end of adolescence). A preschool child will need explenations through games and storytelling hence a ski with a frog, while a teenager will already long for cool aesthetics accepted among his peers and adults.

iF Design award winner 2022

︎︎ “Jména z letošního Designbloku, jež stojí za to navštívit.”

Concept & Design
In cooperation with EGOÉ studio, animation by 
Client: EGOÉ move

© Alice Fialová
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