Den Haag NL /
Prague CZ

GraphiC Designer 92'


since 2014

Freelance work

August - November 2016

Studio ZZZ,
Mikuláš Macháček

August 2015

Studio Najbrt

August 2014


Centre for Central
European Architecture


TodaysArt Festival

volunteer September 2012, 2014, 2015

AIA Conference

selected student,  Nice, April 2017

Design is for me a translation
from complexity and chaos to
meaningful solutions and clarity.
Within the restrictions, I however
try to keep an experimenting spirit
through the joy of exploring both
technology and craft.

My passion for design is
complemented by an interest
in sociology, architecture,
environment and natural sciences. 

Still not enough?
Here is my story then...

My poetic soul
grew up in breathtaking streets of Prague, yet always close to and triggered by nature.
My dedication and discipline got tested in competing in alpine skiing until young adulthood, while never easing up from fulltime studying.
My yearning to discover creative potential and meet other cultures drew me to studying abroad.
My mind got trained in systems and problem-solving thanx to the Dutch innovative approaches.
My world filled up with brilliant thoughtful (creative) minds that go beyond the boundaries.

+ Something I want to say:

Never underestimate a creative person.


2012 - 2017, Den Haag, NL

Royal Academy of Art
BcA. Graphic Design

Graduation project ︎︎

2010, 2011, London, GB

Saint Martin’s University

Graphic Design summer study

2008 - 2012, Prague, CZ
Gymnasium Jižní Město

2003 - 2008, Prague, CZ

Lycée Français de Prague


︎  English
︎  French
︎  Czech

︎   Dutch
         basiskennis, momenteel verbeteren 

 °      Spanish


© Alice Fialová
                        ︎  ︎  ︎

Open for freelance/ short-term / long-term work.
Currently based in The Netherlands (Zuid-Holland),
working on demand internationally.