Labyrinthum et Equilibrum

Budget Dreams
Winner 2016

October 2015—January 2016

In a collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance, the task was to carry out extensive research and to re-contextualise the figures from the Miljoenennota 2016 (budget plan) to imagine the year 2035.
Every year Miljoenennota announces some changes (like budget cuts) from which somebody will be habitually profiting and somebody loosing (no matter how prospering the country's economy is).
I created an interactive infographic game of a wooden labyrinth maze as a metaphor of balancing in order to engage people in the struggle of money redistributing and economical planning. Especially when the state budget is at risk of financial slumps caused by unexpected events like the latest refugee crisis or a terrorist attack (holes along the way you wish to avoid).

My parallel goal was to show (based on my research), that the problems we are presumed to face in the near future aren't anymore local, but globally concerning and that the only way we can prevent most of the disaster threats is a global economic and ecological cooperation.
Exhibited at Ministry of Finance and Gallery Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague (January, March 2016)

© Alice Fialová
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