Editorial design
October 2020 - December 2020

DRN | ŠPORK is meant to celebrate the renovation of two palaces in the old center of Prague resulted from the cooperation between the architect, Stanislav Fiala and the investor, Petr Nemec. Since both buildings have been awarded with architecture prices and they are rich with details, it is mostly a picture book with photos made exclusively by well-known Czech photographer, Herbert Slavík.

The book consists conceptually of two books (a/m the story of two palaces). It was important to me to present them with equal importance, which I solved by giving each their own cover and flipping the whole book in the middle. On the edge of the pages are consistently coordinates of the particular building in order to always distinguish between the two. The architect invited the artist, Patrik Hábl, to cooperate on multiple wall decorations which resulted in specific abstract aesthetics, characteristic for both of the buildings. I therefore asked Hábl to paint such artworks on book cloths. These were then carefully handmade book-binded on the covers, making each book an original artwork. To protect the originals but avoid hiding the paintings, I used semitransparent book sleeve. Lastly, a slipcase box design shows a detail of a concrete wall with imprints and natural coloring the architect wasn't afraid to leave behind, which symbolizes the overall artistic approach to architecture.

Big thanks to my client, Jan Fiedler, for giving me so much trust and to the small team for making this happen in such a short time.

310 x 440mm, 320 pages
Production: WWA photo
Concept and editorial design: Alice Fiala Design

© Alice Fialová
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