Orientation design
March / 2020

The design on touring skis named « Beat »  illustrates a story about how our calculative working mind starts the journey up into the wild. Result-focused, it mechanically monitors the heart rate and performance on the smart watch, but as the landscape around slowly opens up in front of the eye, the mind gradually stops dealing and the heart begins feeling. From that reached peak of a mountain, there are no more numbers to focus on, only the silent rustling snow under our feet and replenishment in our soul.

Reddot winner 2020 ︎

︎ Design that follows your heart BEAT
︎ Magazine SNOW (interview)
︎ S věcmi s červeným puntíkem lze příjemně strávit i pandemii koronaviru

In cooperation with Studio 519
Client: EGOÉ move

Photo direction: Jan Jůza

© Alice Fialová
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Open for freelance/ short-term / long-term work.
Currently based in The Netherlands (Zuid-Holland),
working on demand internationally.